Instagram is a useful interior design website to use for information. There are many different types of styles, trends, and designs to browse through. People can easily find these by using the interior design hashtags on the platform.

Here are some of the most popular interior design hashtags on Instagram. You can use these to find some quick inspiration and get your creative mind flowing.


If you are using Instagram as an interior design website, start by checking out #HouseTour. If you are unsure exactly what you are looking for and need some quick ideas, #HouseTour is the place for you. People will take you through unique rooms of their homes in this beautiful collection of tagged images.


#sghome is a hashtag that shows off some amazing and inspirational homes in Singapore. The #sghome hashtag has gained over 100,000 posts from Instagram users. So for those in Singapore who want some quick interior design ideas, check out this hashtag!


This interior design hashtag is a slightly more targeted version of the #sghome hashtag. #interiordesignsg focuses solely on interior design images posted by users in Singapore, rather than everything related to homes. Since it is more specific, there are fewer posts on this hashtag, but you can find some great inspiration for interior design!


HDB is public housing within Singapore, and BTO are new flats that are made available by the government, typically for younger couples. This is a more specific hashtag, therefore it has the least amount of posts of this list. It can still be useful for people within this demographic, so take advantage if the shoe fits!


The #HomeInspiration hashtag holds a wide variety of different home looks and styles. Within this hashtag, you can find some amazing fresh ideas for your interior design projects or just look at some stunning homes.