Aside from livening up a space, unique home accessories and decor can also be used to initiate conversations. This can be especially useful when you invite visitors to your home. Break the ice and have wonderful interactive moments in your home by considering these unique decors:

Unique home accessories and decor include:

Bookshelf Structured as a Potted Plant With Branches

Display your impressive book collection in style by using a non-traditional bookshelf. The shelf can be shaped as a potted plant, but with shelving spaces acting as branches. 

Books are great conversation starters because they stimulate thoughts and ideas. The best thing is, you and your visitor do not need to be bookworms to appreciate a good book collection. 

Unorthodox Wall Clock

Nothing can spark conversation better than a quirky looking clock. Instead of the usual rounded clock with hands and numbers, you can use one that is shaped vertically. Add more intrigue by using a clock with numbers written in a different language (like Chinese or Korean letters). Or better yet, try to find one with no numbers at all. Then explain the unique way to determine the time using your unorthodox wall clock.

Square Shaped Vases

Have you ever wondered why vases always look rounded on the side and edges? Whether it’s by design or tradition, we will never truly know. One thing for sure, your vases can catch more attention if they break away from the norm. Try to use square shaped vases and see what kind of remarks you get from curious guests.

Good Old Hammock

When people enter a living room, they expect to see the usual sofa and table set. Imagine their surprise when, on top of the usual stuff, they also find a well-designed hanging hammock! And because hammocks are associated with the beach and relaxation, people can easily relate. This is an amazing piece of “furnishing” to have in your home, if you can pull it off.

Couldn’t imagine these unique home accessories and decor? You can hop on Pinterest to find some inspiration. There are many other unique decors you can try in your home. All it takes is some boldness and creativity.