Are you thinking of buying home decor in Singapore but doesn’t know how to start? This article shows you how to buy home decor items using a platform available to everyone – the Facebook Marketplace. 

Why Should You Use Facebook Marketplace? 

Most people who want to decorate their home start their search by visiting local home improvement shops. Various malls like Vivocity and City Square may have several stores that offer home decors. 

However, starting your search online through the FB marketplace will actually widen your list of options. Instead of just looking at brand new retail items, you will also get access to pre-owned home decors in good condition. 

How To Start Your Search For Home Decors

First up, develop a list of items that you need to buy for your home. Better yet, consult with a professional interior designer to give you a list of what you need in terms of buying home decor.

Once you know the decors you will need for your home, hop on the Facebook marketplace and choose relevant categories such as “home goods” and “home improvement supplies”. 

After choosing the right category, you need to filter your search to only show listings from Singapore. You can then proceed to choose from available subcategories such as clocks, mirrors, decorative accents, festive decorations, rugs, carpets, and many others.

Acquire The Home Decors And Have Them Delivered

Once you find the items that suit your taste and fit into your home design plan, reach out to the seller and ask for payment and delivery options. Many sellers offer free delivery and installation services. Avail those if you can. These free services are very convenient for anyone buying home decor.

Alternatively, you can also visit the local shop where the item is physically on sale. If you choose to pay for and pickup your home decor from a physical store, make sure you choose a seller on a nearby location. 

You can set a filter on FB marketplace search to only show listings within a particular kilometer radius. This will make the pickup or delivery process much easier later on.