The online retail platform Taobao is a huge hit with creative Taobao home makeover in Singapore. This consumer-to-consumer connection’s great bargains and options of goods to select from make it so appealing. Be it a great lighting fixture, furniture, decor, or an appliance straight from your online inspiration board, they have options for you! As you shop on Taobao for your abode, remember to keep the following in mind.

How to create a good Taobao Home Makeover

Read reviews!

Even the negative ones, this way you can get a better idea of how reliable the seller is. Sometimes reviews even have Taobao home makeover photos from customers that can give you a more realistic version of the item you are interested in and show the product quality.

Seller’s Reputation Rating

This number is based on buyer feedback and indicates their credibility. There are four different levels of rate. From Heart, Diamond, Blue Crown to Gold Crown, with the last being the best. Try shopping with sellers who have at least a Diamond rating. It is also good to read up online guides to navigate Taobao or with third party agents, as the information listed does not have translations on the website.


Keep in mind shipping fees. You want to try to avoid a situation where the product you adore has a shipping cost higher than the actual cost of said item. It happens! Shipment fees are calculated on the weight of the item – so watch out for it!


Taobao has become such a popular source for shopping for home pieces that sometimes people can get ahead of themselves when shopping. Finding an item or good that appears to be ideal or almost perfect can seem like a great steal! However, when the item arrives, it can fall below your exceptions. Either it did not have enough reviews or the item was damaged upon shipment. This happens. Items are often not secured with insurance either. So remember to contact the seller when you purchase from them to request they use cushioning materials for fragile or heavy items.