Employers and workers nowadays are forced to embrace the challenge of rethinking office space. With the temporary decline in in-person interactions, companies now opt for remote working arrangements to mitigate health risks. 

Does this spell the end for traditional office spaces? Not quite. Instead, office spaces should simply be redefined as companies reopen. Here are ways that business owners and employees are turning their offices from ghost town to lively work hubs:

Positioning The Office As A Place Of Warmth and Interaction

The Covid 19 pandemic released employees from the confines of communal work spaces. Going to the office is now more of a choice than a necessity. Companies can respond to this by transforming the main office as a place for warmth and social exchange. In short, office spaces should be able to provide the human interaction that workers aren’t getting at home.

A few interior design updates can easily transform the office. For example, improving the coziness of the office living room or reception area can make it more inviting. Redesigning the pantry can make it a more appealing place for staff musings and conversations. Of course, all changes should be done with social distancing in mind.

Provide A Balance Between Technology and Aesthetics

Rethinking office space means providing a balance between aesthetic satisfaction and advanced technology. The office should be able to provide equipment, tools and technical facilities that employees don’t have access to at home. This will help maintain the office as an indispensable part of work. 

Any upgrade in technology, however, should not come at the expense of good office design. By default, technology doesn’t contribute much to decorating a space. Wires and extension plugs aren’t pleasing to the eyes. Thus, it requires creative work from professional decorators to achieve a balance between office technology and quality interior design.

Redesigning Office Spaces: Is It Worthwhile? 

The answer is still yes. Any company effort to provide everything that employees need is worth it. Yes, redesigning and rethinking office space comes with cost. But it will be paid many times over with happier and more productive staff. It is an investment that could pay fruitful dividends.