Owning a home is a milestone, and finding renovations in Singapore can seem overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Keep reading for some tips to save time and avoid any make-over hassle!

Research, research, research!

Talk to friends and relatives who have gone through renovating before. Note their experiences, references, and ideas. They can help you determine if you need a contractor or an interior decorator. Keeping in mind to factor and separate the items you want from what you need can assist you. Saving money by buying your own furniture rather than having built-ins can also make a big difference. Contractors usually charge per meter/foot of cabinetry. Buying your own pieces can also make it easier to change your style in the future.

Then if your budget allows, you can go for it and build your dream space! Once you decide, gather at least three quotes to compare before picking your final choice. Remember it is up to you and your hired professions to set a timeline with milestones to keep on top of the renovations.

Pick a Theme or Style

If you have no idea where to start, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to get inspiration from. Doing a general search for popular home renovations in Singapore can help you get a clear idea of your picturesque space. This will help you and your team of professionals when renovating.

Do you prefer industrial, contemporary or minimalist schemes?

If you are not too bothered about a particular theme, try going for minimalism! Minimalist  “less is more” homes and spaces are easier to maintain, appear sophisticated, and require fewer items. Think modern lines, clean, pastel colors, natural light, and simplicity. These components tend to suit the limited spaces of a Singapore home. 

Another appealing style is modern luxe. Think of classy luxury hotels! A combination of white and black marble, along with gold and a cowhide rug mix for a very luxurious vibe.

Certainly an attractive nook to come home to!