Thinking of putting marble flooring in your home? You might be wondering if it is right for you or not. In order to make the right decision, you need to know the pros and cons of marble flooring:

The Pros Of Marble Flooring

Marble gives your home an elegant, upscale appearance. This makes your space easier to design. Compared to the usual flooring, marble floors will enhance the bare structure of your room.

Increase in real estate value is another main advantage of using marble flooring. Improving the flooring will instantly jack up the price of your property. This is much better than waiting many years for the fair market value of your house to go up. 

It is also easier to polish and marble floors. Well maintained, shining marble will reflect natural light and make the space look larger. Need for rugs may not be at all necessary if the flooring is already elegant as it is. 

The Cons Of Marble Flooring

Buying and installing marble can be expensive. The cost in Singapore can range from $5 to $20 per square foot, installation fees not included. If you have a larger space, it can cost you a small fortune to pull off this kind of home improvement. 

It is also important to know that prices of marble can vary depending on thickness, grading, finish, and other factors. You need to take this into consideration when choosing the marble tiles for your floor.

Marble can be cold under your feet. This may make it tough for you to walk barefoot during cold weather, or when the airconditioning unit is on. The good news is that marble is also a good heat insulator. It actually helps prevent the buildup of heat in the space.

You also have to be careful because marble tiles are prone to cracking. You have to avoid strong impact from falling hard objects. Marble can also be slippery, because moisture doesn’t easily dry from its surface.

Take all these pros and cons of marble flooring into consideration when deciding if you want it installed in your home.