There are many interior design companies in Singapore and all will offer you catalogues of interior design styles for your next home. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas presented to you? You’re not alone! To help you out with that, we’ve compiled a list of secrets from some of the most renowned interior designers from around the world.

Interior Design Tips

Pick a consistent colour palette
You may have often heard that you shouldn’t mix mash different styles. Emily Henderson says otherwise. She says that in your interior decorating process, you should consider which textures and materials work hand in hand. This will ensure that your overall style does not go off tangent but provide synergy to complement the space.

Furnishing is important

You should only consider purchasing furnishings (like furniture and curtains) that don’t only appeal to the needs of you and your family, but also fits the space you want to place them in. For instance, If you’re decorating a modest HDB living room, it might not be wise to install heavy velvet curtains. Instead, opt for lightweight striped roller blinds which can offer both great shade and style.

Lighting is Key

Did you know that lighting is considered the fourth dimension in interior design by many esteemed interior design companies in Singapore? Long gone are the days of bright white flourescent lights. By creating the ideal lighting setting, you can enhance the mood and appeal of your space. You’d need to carefully consider and work out the shape and form of light fixtures, source and positioning.

Map out your feature wall

Taniya Nayak of Taniya Nayak Design says that a great way to set up a feature wall without error is to employ the use of cardboard templates. We know you’re all excited to see the end result, but it might be a good idea to first trace the actual shape and size, cut out and check for perfect placement on the wall before you mount the final pieces on the wall.

The cheapest way to transform a space

Most interior designers agree that a good paint job is the go-to option to refresh or transform a space. It may be the cheapest thing to do, but surprisingly, it is also one that delivers the most impact.

Everyone needs a little inspiration to keep their inner creative cogs moving. Before you start on your next project, contact us here for more ideas on how to style your space!