Planning the wedding reception decoration setup can be stressful for brides. Luckily, expert interior design specialists can be consulted for help in this area. Whether the venue is intimate or a large open space, there are ways to decorate it well on a budget.

Here are some tips on how to decorate the

Start With A wedding reception decoration Checklist

There are so many moving parts in a wedding reception. It is easy to forget some important stuff during the planning process. Creating a checklist of the most essential decors is the best way to ensure nothing is neglected. Start listing items in order of importance. Ask yourself, which decorative items are indispensable? Make a rundown of decors based on their priority level.

It’s a good idea to coordinate with the wedding designer in developing this checklist. The designer will point out things that you may have missed. He or she will also provide expert feedback on how to put it all together beautifully.

Pay Attention To Stage Details

The wedding reception decoration for the stage will set the tone for the venue. Thus, you should pay closer attention to the stage decor details. The backdrop is perhaps the first important element. It must have ample lighting and the design should be consistent to your color palette. 

If you are able to draw your reception stage, you can simply hand the drawing to your designer for implementation. If not, you may also get inspiration from stage decorations on Pinterest and Instagram. You can then coordinate with your designer to add their own unique twist.

Table Designs and Proper Signage

When it comes to table design, you can go elegant without being too fancy. In fact, simple and well thought out design is preferable. Decide on what flower arrangement theme to use, as well as the proper signages to go along with it. Your designer should be able to give you various options.

Don’t Forget The Lights and Sounds

Good wedding reception decoration can be upset by poor lighting and lack of appropriate music. In most cases, lights and sounds are offered as a twin package by providers. Become the bridge between your lights and sounds provider and your interior designer. Make sure that the lighting is consistent with your decoration theme. If there will be a live band, ensure there is ample space for it in the venue.