Generally, more rooms mean a more expensive HDB renovation. However, regardless of the number of rooms, you can still keep costs reasonable by focusing on select areas to build up. Keep reading for some tips on how best to approach your HDB renovation!

It’s in the Details

While going all out with fancy decor and carpentry all over, you can have a clean yet calm looking home with some subtle details. Focus on black track lights, painted walls, and wood finishes to create a visual design for the space. Investing in the correct materials and colour scheme can really change the space, and can make it look more expensive than it is. For example, having an earthy theme, with a simple aesthetic, wood grains, and natural colour palette can make the space appear bigger and tasteful.

Simple can be beautiful too – Blk 526 Costa Ris

Hacking and Carpentry

Another tip – complicated or intricate carpentry shapes can lead to higher renovation costs. This is due to the amount of work that is required to complete something of this degree. If you are on a budget, try sleek classic linear built-ins, with cream or taupe palettes. The same goes for hacking, which can incur additional costs. If you are thinking of completely rearranging your home’s layout, it will be costly. But if you are debating it – try to go with an open-plan style abode.

Splashes of Colour

Creating a focal point at home can be as simple as using paint! Or you could try putting a bit of vibrant colour on a single “accent” wall, or a simple graphic wall mural. This can add a bit of creative flair for the space and help open it up.

Accent walls – they don’t have to be complicated to stand out.

Remember to make sure the professional you hire to help with your HDB renovations are from an HDB-registered firm, or that they use HDB-registered subcontractors. You can find one listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) – this is to ensure that any contractors do not damage the building structure during renovations.