Finding the right HDB Interior Design is important to help create a cozy and calm space in your home environment. While there many be standard fixtures in an HDB flat that you have to work around, you can bring color, decor, and texture to life to reflect you in your space. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve this.

Design Styles

If you are looking to have a cozy minimalist style, try going with a combination of white and neutral colors alongside light wood tones for your flat. This is a classic approach that allows a chic vibe while opening up the space and encouraging a natural feel.

Neutral palettes work well to open up spaces – Blk 336C Anchorvale Cove

Trying to achieve a modern luxurious style for your HDB space? Go for glossy cabinets, polished furnishings and metal accents like brass. A style like this really shines with plenty of lighting as well. Add in a few mirrors as statement pieces and your home really opens up.

If you find you have some awkward corners in your flat, try using a color palette of grey, white, and blue to help conceal attention to it. Interestingly, a custom curved sofa and circular rug can complement the odd angles and make your unique layout whole. To accompany your colors, woodgrain surfaces give texture and warmth without standing oddly out.

If you are more of a colorful styled person, having white walls as a base and adding plenty of art pieces that speak to your vibe is a great way to flatter your HDB flat. Having a neutral backdrop will make the decor shine. You could also add greenery and plants to your space for a fresh and lively interior.

Low maintenance indoor plants inject live into living spaces. Enjoy pockets of nature right in your own home!

Reliable Sources

As you search for the right professional to hire to help with your HDB interior design renovations, make sure they are from a reliable source. This could be from an HDB-registered firm or subcontractor. Search in the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) so you know whose services you can trust.