Are you looking for a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore to help you expand your house? Searching and hiring the best renovation contractors Singapore has to offer will help make your dream home come true! Luckily, Singapore is full of great renovation contractors. How can you be sure which one to go with? Read on to find some helpful hints for your search.

You’ll need to have a clear vision of your home, perhaps down to detail, in order to supply your contractor with a good brief.


Check the years of experience the renovation contractor has accumulated. The more experience they have in the industry, the more expertise they can provide. Different renovation contractors specialize in different home types and aspects. Some contractors focus on renovating HDB flats while others do work on condominiums. Understand the contractor and their specialization to make an informed choice.

Customer Feedback

Anyone can write a flattering portfolio about themselves, but what really matters are the reviews from past customers. Be sure to vet the customer feedback and testimonials before hiring a contractor. Some good signs are finding mentions of transparency, expertise, reliability, integrity, punctuality, and attention to detail. These are all good selling points. Keep an eye out for mentions of affordability too.

Warranties and Guarantees

Companies who offer warranties and guarantees usually mean that the renovation contractors are willing to take responsibility for their work. This is a sign that they will deliver as promised. Warranties and guarantees are a form of assurance and if the end-product doesn’t meet the promised standard, it can give you the power to negotiate and get your money’s worth.

Some excellent places to begin your search for a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore are Houzz, Directory of Renovation Contractors, or HomeRenoGuru.