The modern villa design showcases architectural genius and style. Mostly seen in luxury residential properties, you can draw inspiration from it for your own interior design. But first, you need to be able to understand the various elements of contemporary homes. Here are the various elements that we find in modern villa designed spaces:

Natural Light

Modern villa design emphasizes natural light to illuminate the space. This is achieved by using broad glass windows and less elaborate curtains or blinds. It is typical for modern houses to have a greater part of the homefront made of glass. While this may not be possible for most HDB flats, clearing up clutter near the windows can create a similar effect.

Clean Lines

Contemporary design uses clean, crisp lines. Often, these lines go along with a simple color palette with no more than two or three analogous colours. It is also more common to see more white space on walls and panels in between design elements. Modern villa design screams simplicity and luxury at the same time.

Nature Elements

It is very common to see nature elements like greenery and bodies of water in modern designs. Though they are used sparingly, they are also placed strategically. For example, a potted plant may be placed on top of a coffee table. A tall orchid may be located perfectly on an otherwise empty corner. These nature elements add a beautiful contrast to modern design themes.


Modern villa design falls under the umbrella of minimalist styles. It doesn’t have the elaborate detail of classic or vintage design. There is reasonably less clutter and use of monochromatic palette is emphasized. This is where the cliché “less is more” is most applicable. 

Open Floor Plan

Contemporary and modern homes typically use open floor plans. Having an open floor plan has a lot of advantages. First, it makes way for an abundance of light. It also gives an illusion of more space. There is more space to move in because there are fewer dividers in between areas of the home. 

Thinking of incorporating modern villa design in your home? Don’t forget the essential elements we mentioned in this article to achieve your desired effect.