Congratulations on your new Build-To-Order flat!

It is incredible to have a place you can call home. The Build-To-Order flats are the future of Singapore. These flats feature unique futuristic designs. In order to make it guest appealing, you should have concentrate on its decoration too with the best accessories.

Let’s get started with essentials you need in your Build-To-Order flat.

Drawer separators

Say goodbye to messy drawers and keep your drawers neat! A drawer separator is a plastic utensil, which you can install in your drawers to make DIY dividers. You should definitely get this if have a messy drawers and difficult to find something on-time when you’re getting late for your office, school, or elsewhere. With the help of a drawer separator, it will be effortless for you to find everything. 

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee while sitting in the balcony of Build-To-Order Flats, enjoying crisp sunshine of early morning? A coffee maker makes it very easy for you to brew fresh and delicious coffee in no time, so another important kitchen essential to make your busy life in Singapore easier.  

Book Shelf 

Every house must need a decorative bookshelf! Everyone must-have it in their house and it should be chic and practical. You can install a beautiful bookshelf on your living room or bedroom walls. Decorate the bookshelf with modern and sophisticated hues. Remember to leave some space empty in the bookshelf for your new books.

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock might seem old fashioned because of mobile phones. But didn’t you know it’s very harmful to sleep next to a mobile phone? Doctors now recommend placing your phone away from you when you go to sleep. Hence, you need an alarm clock that will help you get up every day.

House plants

House plants are vibrant and stunning, making Build-To-Order Flats more guest appealing. Not only do they brighten up your place, but they also provide fresh oxygen in your house. It is very easy to take care of house plants. Every home must have an exotic house plant.


These are just some of the accessories you need in your house. You can get these essentials easily in the market or online.