Have you ever tried setting up your home decors but feel like something is missing? Or perhaps your current interior design did not turn out as you originally expected. Here are some reasons why your home decorations may be “missing the mark”, and what you can do about them:

Poor Use of Scale and Proportion of Home Decors

If your space doesn’t look right despite efforts to spruce it up, check your scale and proportion. See if any of your furniture or home decors are too large or too small for the room. Large items in a small room can cause the space to look even smaller. Much worse, if the size of each item are disproportionate to each other, the interior design can look a little weird.

Some Items Are Forced into The Design

Your home decors may be missing the mark because you are forcing them into the design. For example, you have an antique vase set that you particularly like. However, it doesn’t fit into your current urban theme and color palette. No matter how aesthetic your antique set may be, it should still fit into your design concept to be effective.

The solution is to determine your color palette and design theme first. You must do this before deciding what home decors to put in your space. But what if you have existing decors you want to carry over from a previous space? You can simply come up with color palettes based on them.

Poor Use of Wall Art

Almost any kind of space will benefit from hanging wall art. It is a good way to break the monotony of white space. However, hanging art can actually backfire if not done right. Size perception of the room will be affected If the frames are too small or too big for the space. Also, wall art should remain true to the central theme of the design.

Consulting a interior designer is a good way to solve these issues. Get professional advice on what items to fit in your space and how to put it all together. There is no home decor problem that couldn’t be fixed with a few pro-level tweaks.